Design a website

As we said it is important for us to understand business of our customers and measure all nuances and preferences. Little details will eventually build a bigger picture and will make all process easier and more constructive.

Therefore first of all we meet with our future customer.

Meeting & Interview

Meeting can be personal or distantly. Of course in most of the cases working space of a customer gives great explanation about customers business and the personality.

During the meeting we will have a simple interview where you will answer few questions about your idea, business concept, what kind of content you would prefer to have. We will guide you through various web design trends and options for your future website.

Interview is important because it is a foundation for our collaboration and understanding of what type of website it should be.

We also take photos at your workplace if it is a restaurant, salon. We take pictures for your personal presentation or your team photo for the about page. It is important that your future auditory can see who you are and what you do.

Design & Structure

After the interview when we have all necessary information, pictures and desired type of website. Begins next step when we build schematic structure of the future website. All types of content, images, pages, features will be presented in this step. It will be easier to understand and to have a look at the project’s pros and cons.

Usually it takes 1 or 2 more attempts and modifications before we actually start to development.

At this step we will present you what the website will have, what kind of content we will use and where.

After both sides are agree and satisfied with with what we have, begins design part, where we add colors, images, typography(fonts).


Every website has a logo. Logo is the company representation and the brand recognition. It makes easier to associate auditory with your business or a service you provide.

Logo should be simple, unique and readable or explainable. These factors will allow users easy to remember your company and type of service or products your company provides.

Basically it will be the first and the last thing what your auditory will think about when they will try to reach you online.

Domain & Hosting

Domain is a name what you will use for the website for example Domain should be unique, optimally has less then 14 letters. Written with English letters and numbers only without symbols such as Æ , Ø, Å e.t.c.

Hosting or web hotel is a place where your project will store files. Hosting can have different parameters depends on your website needs. If you need a simple website with normal traffic then you can use a default hosting.

To simplify WebExpress will take care of these nuances. Only one thing you will need to do is to find the right name for your website domain. It can be name of your company, can be name of your service f.x. or

Then we check if domain is free and buy it. Price usually quite cheap it is about 35-99 DKK / per year.


According decisions that were made before and designed structure. We start to develop the entire project. Normally it takes few days to implement design and all features.


  1. Eventually you will get web application that is fast on loading.
  2. Designed to work well on all devices such as mobile phone, ipad, laptop and desktop PC.
  3. Logo for your brand recognition.
  4. SEO optimization for Google search
  5. Photos
  6. Domain
  7. Hosting
  8. Features such as Booking system, Online Store(e-commerce), ChatBot for communication, Google
  9. Technical Customer Support
  10. And web adviser for your business