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What if website running slow ?

There are many factors which might affect your website loading time or performance in general. There are no perfect solution or technology that will promise perfect working system. All depends of developer or amount of features that your website running at the same time.

However your can optimize your website that it will run faster than before.

Website performance affects your online business. If the websites loading time is longer than 3 seconds then your potential customers might get have bad experience after visiting your online service. While customers switching between pages on your website it is also important that pages switch nicely without delay.

Website speed performance also important factor for the Search Engines Statistics. If website is slow then it you might have low grate at the SEO rank position.

Best website loading time from 1-2 seconds. Bigger websites with big amount of content might have longer time about 2-2.5 seconds. However when it comes over 3 seconds you might want to check your website with performance meter such as: